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Default well well well, look what I found.

I guess that we have a legitimate reason to complain about Admin and moderators not being active. It would be nice if they made their presence known, maybe that would cut back on the spam???!!!
user name*****contact info****post count***join date*****last activity

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fitday_brent (same as above)
fitday_marlys******none*********0!!!!!!!*******11/18/09<--->11/18/09 rofl

Where did I find this valuable information?
go back to the forums, scroll down (below the men's corner) and squint your eyes, squint harder! See where it says "View Forum Leaders" click that.

This is what I've gathered... it looks like this board was started a year ago. Admin, got it going, some people volunteered their time to moderate, but never gave much time. I like to thank all them for getting this going and at least having good intentions, however, a little participation would go a long way. It seems like I created enough still to wake enough of them up on 11/02/10 but they are back asleep and the spammers are still at it.

It's a damn shame the lack of care here. I've offered MY TIME to be an ACTIVE moderator and have yet to get a response. This board is going down hill quickly and it's too bad b/c there are a lot of people that do care, ther just so happen to be "reguler" members and not the "Forum Leaders".

Those of you that know me, know I'm passionate, speak the truth and don't sugar coat things. We are all adults here, right? I would not be surprised if me posting this stuff, gets me banned, that would prove my paoint that THEY DON'T CARE and will continue to let the spam go on... just don't bother them about it!

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