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Default the good/bad mindset

Kathie, carbs in and of themselves are not bad. As I said before, your body needs a minimum of 100g per day just to keep you out of ketosis (where your body breaks down lean tissues to burn to replace the glucose it wants to fuel brain function.)

If your carbs are coming from vegetables, fruits and dairy foods - those are the "good" sorts of carbs! That's okay! That's what you want in your diet! There's a lot of nutritional bang for your caloric buck in those foods.

From what you've shared in other posts, you're doing fine. Fixating on what you see as overeating carbs is a way of kicking yourself everyday when you should be proud that you're making such healthy choices. I hate to see you grinding down on yourself when you're doing so well.

I'm going to sound like a broken record - but really - exercise! It will give you something healthy to focus on and it feels good.

Plus - it burns those bad nasty carbs!!!
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