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Default Hey Kristy :)

Thanks for posting. I applaud you for having the guts to take a live step class. THAT is something I'm not sure I'd want to do, though I guess if the choreography was basic enough and the instructor gave clear instructions, I might be okay.

I dunno though... It takes me SO LONG to get in the groove when I'm doing a new workout DVD! I do, and redo certain sections I don't get until I know the routines when I'm at home. (Can't do that in class.) Plus - knowing there are men at the gym (what used to by my gym, anyway) watching my clumsy attempts - ugh!

Yup. You're brave. Let me know how it goes today!

It's day 16. (Weight training this morning.) We got new sparkly powdery snow overnight, so I'm going out for a few hours of Nordic (cross-country) skiing as my cardio today. I can't wait. I love variety AND I love being outdoors.

75 days and 53 workouts to go!
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