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I know exactly how you feel. I was like that for a good pat of my life, and was labeled as having an eating disorder. When I went to a dietitian, it was the most horrible experience. I felt like I was eating constantly and the food was boring, bland, and I hated the whole eating experience. To make matters worse, it was making me gain.

Unfortunately, having good eating habits is good for you. I was like you were for about ten years, and now I'm overweight since it really messed with my metabolism. Today though, I still have to force myself to eat.

I can give you my suggestion, but I have a feeling some people will disagree with me. Don't worry about eating more than three meals a day. If you check out the Mayo Clinic's website, it calls the eating more than three meals a day bogus, since it really does NOT make a difference.

I usually start off my day with a Greek Yogurt with a bit of light whipped cream or fruit on top. These are quit to eat on the go if you get the individual servings. If this doesn't work, Nestle (I think?) makes a powdered breakfast substitute that has a lot of nutrition and can be stirred into skim milk. Its a great breakfast for on the go and it saved my butt more than once in college.

As for Lunch and Dinner, eat what makes you happy. Salads and wraps were always great for me, since I could get them on the go and use light dressing. Just always make sure to watch your calories and fat intake, but remember, you only have one life, enjoy what you can. Food should be enjoyable.

My only other bit of advice is that you may need to slow down a bit with your life. That may be what is taking your appetite and leaving you not hungry - it has been proven that stress can have both reactions.
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