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Smile What a success story...what a great thing it is...Fit Day!!!!

I was told back on 1/15/10 that I had high cholesterol. I knew I needed to lose a few pounds and get healthy. I didn't want any pill to do the work for me! My weight at the time was 161 on a 5'5" frame.
On the advice from a sister, she told me about Fitday. I have now told many about Fitday!!!
I have lost 34 lbs now. I set my goal for 9/11/ birthday, to be down to 130 lbs. I met that goal at the end of July. I am now 127/128lbs consistently.
Two months after being told of my high cholesterol, I went back for another fast/screening. It was down to a (total) of 183 after being at 239! I attribute that to Fitday, stationary bike riding and eating oatmeal everyday for 2 months.
Since that appt. I have slacked on the bike and stopped eating oatmeal. I now eat Fiber one cereal everyday. I have maintained my 128lbs. nicely and can now fit into a size 6. I feel healthy, I look healthy and have so much more energy.
I still track all my food on your site and will continue consistently. There is something to be said in seeing how many calories you're taking in and the nutrition.
I cannot thank you enough Fitday. LOVE YOU!!!

12/4/2010 - I am now at 125.6!!! I have met my goal and am ecstatic!!! Fitday... it's been life changing and so rewarding. I am both proud of myself and so grateful.

Elizabeth Longbrake ))

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