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Originally Posted by pottersirus View Post
@tamissa, hey i m on the same boat like u.. except tat i m still unmarried... but i ve a thesis to complete..... gud news s my proff jus approved of al my results.... so, now its jus typing n the defending part a better happy news s tat i stuck to my goals n dint involve in any indulgence aftr hearing this news ...... Hurray !!

i had my bowl of fruits n veggies today wid the sprouts.... kept me filled n also restricted my carb intake.... had my share of 2.5 litre too....n yeah ! had a gr8 workout doing TKB at the group fitness club today..... so far, so good

its my bday 2row.... i m quiet not sure abt the "not eating after 8pm" part... but i ll try nt to binge in a lot
Fuzzy, there's room for everyone!
I'm married, one four year old, have a ridiculously long commute which cuts into activity time.
When I was in grad school I was about 30 pounds heavier than I am now from stress and funny hours and late nights writing papers and snacking while reading. I used to work late into the night and then go across the street to 24-hour BK and get 2 whoppers w cheese and huge fruit punch and fries and eat the whole thing! !

Things got MUCH better when I was done w school and had a routine schedule. I also went backpacking once a year and would lose 10 pounds two years in a row while backpacking without "trying" (we were hiking 10-15 miles a day with 50 pound packs) and then just tried to maintain those weights. I haven't been camping since my daughter was born so have been trying to monitor calories and exercise.
Height - 5'5"
Pre-preg weight - 117 - 122

Exercises: videos, walking
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