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@tamissa, hey i m on the same boat like u.. except tat i m still unmarried... but i ve a thesis to complete..... gud news s my proff jus approved of al my results.... so, now its jus typing n the defending part a better happy news s tat i stuck to my goals n dint involve in any indulgence aftr hearing this news ...... Hurray !!

i had my bowl of fruits n veggies today wid the sprouts.... kept me filled n also restricted my carb intake.... had my share of 2.5 litre too....n yeah ! had a gr8 workout doing TKB at the group fitness club today..... so far, so good

its my bday 2row.... i m quiet not sure abt the "not eating after 8pm" part... but i ll try nt to binge in a lot
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