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Originally Posted by GameGal View Post
I also have a thyroid that doesnt work right even with medication. And it is VERY hard to lose no matter how well you stick to the plan.. exercise does help. I read somewhere that the 1st 10 minutes of any exercise is like a "warm up" and it's after those 1st 10 minutes that the body speeds itself up and starts burning calories/fat. So whatever you choose to do, do it more than 10 minutes.

Have you had your doctor check your thyroid levels lately? I have to have mine checked about every 2 months because it changes and we have to re-adjust medication.
I do take synthroid and do see my doctor on a regular basis. With the low dose I am on it does show normal counts. I will be stepping up the exercise and I think the strengthening excercises with free weights is helping me boost my metabolism. It's just not as fast as I want it to be .
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