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Default Success? How about a successful forum?

This is what I just emailed to

The amount of spam that is being posted is crazy. I've reported thread, after thread and nothing gets done. The threads are still open & active and nobody has been banned. I would bet that if your PAID ADVERTISERS knew that random people can make spam threads about selling cell phones and such... and get away with it, for FREE, they would likely take their funding elsewhere.

I rarely see activity from moderators and have never seen anything from the Administrator. I'm a moderator on a very active board, I know it can be a thankless job, but the amount of activity (or lack there of) that gets could be controlled single handedly. Hell I'd venture to say that I'm more active than all of your moderators COMBINED. If they don't want to contribute to helping the board run smoothly, then why not find someone who will?

I will post this in the forums and if I had to guess, I will not get a timely response (if any) from Admin here or on the forum.

Also, what about a PM option or being able to use Avatars? Am I just being a whiner or does this bother anyone else? Feedback please since I won't get any from the FitDay "staff".
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