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Count me in too....

even i ve been in a yo-yo dieting state always.... i gain back the pounds i lose in speedier than i lose it..... it takes a lot of time n effort to lose every pound but somehow at that time of binge eating, i seem to forget al of tat... it has happened to me recently too... so i wanna lose the pounds i gained n a few extra pounds before thanksgiving....

Highest weight : 147.4 lbs
Current weight : 135 lbs
Short term weight goal : 130 lbs
Long term weight goal : 117 lbs

Everyday goals to be achieved
1. eat a bowl of fruit
2. eat fresh veggies n bean sprouts wid regular lunch
3. eat dinner before 8 pm
4. drink 2.5 lts of water
5. 1 hour workout
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