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Tamisa and Sammee, we can be buddies! Tomorrow is a new day, a new month. The "bad junk food" holiday is over! I'm going to start by donating anything that's food but I don't want to eat to our local food drive (puddings, pretzels, fruit snax, cocoa, leftover candy, caramel apples....) and sweet table at work.

I totally overate today (spaghetti and meatballs, pecan bars) and now my stomach can't even hold it all! It's almost good to be uncomfortably full so I can remember what this feels like and avoid it later.

Also, I think the "eat 6 times a day" just gets me in trouble and I've read some things that say eating 6 times a day isn't really necessary and eating just a couple times a day really doesn't slow your metabolism. I'm going to "try" to just eat when I'm hungry instead of just when it's time to eat and see what happens.

I've been having insomnia lately so I did a slow 5.5 miles this morning at 5 am!
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