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Originally Posted by haarvik View Post
Posted in Men's Only...thought I would post here for more exposure.

I have started a regimen and entering my 5th week. I dropped my caloric intake to about 1400/day on average. I spend 30-40 minutes each morning working out. Initially I lost 7 pounds, but I keep bouncing with 2 pounds now. I will lose it and then 2 days later it is back. I switched from "white foods" to wheat (including pasta). I eat a breakfast of 2 eggs, 2 slices of whole wheat toast and 8oz of 1% milk. I drink 3 cups of black coffee. I have a banana at about 9:00am and then a lunch of about 400 calories. I drink 2 16.9oz bottles of 5 calorie Crystal Light throughout the day. About 3pm I have an apple. Dinner is restricted to 600 calories or less. A small snack around 9 pm of either light popcorn or a handful of almonds or an orange. I drink 12 oz of 1% milk with dinner. I usually have water or another Crystal light with snack.

My wife is following the same routine, except she eats salad for lunch(no dressing) and she has lost maybe 3 pounds. Neither one of us can figure out why we aren't losing anything. We are both getting frustrated at not seeing results. Any ideas or tips appreciated!

First I am not sure how much you weigh but If it were me I would do at least 1 hour of working out,that means keeping your heart rate up (walking is fine to start) ,not sure of your age so cannot tell you were it should be.

Second dont weigh so much once or twice is enough you'll dive yourself nuts weighing all the time.

Third still limit your grain intake to maybe a slice or two of whole wheat bread a day and maybe a little starch once or twice a week.

Fourth you can still loose weight drinking coffee but it will slooow the process down because its a stimulant.

Fifth you need to drink some more water and STAY AWAY from crystal light.Alot of people think that drinking diet drinks make them lose weight but in all actuality it does the opposite it makes you gain weight.

And lastly why do you drink so much milk?Milk has alot of estrogen in it and is not good for men.They give cattle estrogen injections to make them produce more milk,believe it or not.

These are only things that work for me and are not intended to offend anyone.
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