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Originally Posted by MikeApps View Post
...furthermore I have never felt like I was depriving myself in any way (which can really damage one's perception of dieting in the first place...).

It also cuts down on food bills
Yes, I don't feel deprived other than calorie restricting (limiting). I'm not talking about a calorie deficit, but putting the breaks on once you've reached your maintenance or just-above maintenance caloric needs. On non-lifting days, I'll eat at maintenance or 200 calories above and on lift days I'll eat 400-500 calories over maintenance.

I'll be going back to a calorie deficit soon. I zig-zag my calorie intake so that it's higher on lift days and lower on non-lift days. I've been losing 1.5 lbs/week this way and it's nowhere near as depriving as a "normal" diet. I get to eat two gigantic meals a day. Yes, there's a little bit of hunger before meals, but it's usually brief and tolerable; Unlike when I was eating 6 small meals per day.

Smaller food bill, but also less cooking. Two big meals, for me, to cook and it's all within an 8-hour (sometimes 4-6 hours) window. My kitchen's not as messy.

The problem with fasting is that it's been labeled "bad for you" by the supplement companies (they sell less product). Even bodybuilders are guilty of this, and they're generally on the cutting edge of nutrition.

I hope fasting gets huge (pun intended ) so that the health benefits can be reaped by all, especially in the U.S.A.
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