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Dear April, i had the same problem,
my friends used to say to me "how can you be fat when you can go for days on barely no food?" and i didn`t see a nutritionist, i didn`t go to the gym i lowered all my carbs to strictly under 20grams per day and so far its working. No dairy, no pasta, bread etc.
i am even very careful with fruit because just one carrot could be about 18 grams of carbs! I drink coffee, the good one (i am in italy) is so tasty you`ll enjoy it even without sugar or just stir it with a vanilla pod or a cinnamon stick. i make my own ice tea that i can eve heat up if i want a hot cup.
tonight i had nothing for dinner because i don`t feel like it and i hate pushing myself to eat. you can see what i ate in this past week from the day i started fitday because my profile is public. And don`t worry. I reckon that cutting drastically the carbs will make you very energetic in a couple of days!
(if you have no time to cook meat just have jerky, i have prosciutto with all fat removed manually and through heating it up) i think there is no point in forcing yourself to eat.
Have you by any chance done your thyroid exams? it might need a bit of boosting.
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