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Thank you for your advice everyone. I dont think I'm nessisarily on a high fat craze i know good fats are good for you, i was just worried that it was 30% of my diet. several people have mentioned just eating the whole egg, not only the whites, and that would be a great source of extra calories, I'm just not a fan of the yolks.

i do agree that all the foods I'm eating are simple foods, not typical meals, but its what's working with my schedule right now; i need foods i can grab and go. i literally don't have even a half an hour to sit and focus on a meal so cooking is nearly out of the question. everything is running between classes or classes and work or whatever.

I have thought about relaxing with the entire food issue, only eating when i want to instead of when i felt i had to, but in that case, i wouldn't eat. maybe in a day like that i would have a banana, maybe some pasta if i haven't eaten anything else substantial, some chips and salsa (probably just a few of those, i wouldnt eat the whole bag) and I'd be good.

I've rearranged the order that i've been eating things and that seems to have helped a bit; its not so difficult getting things down.
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