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Me too! My name is Kaitie and I'll be 23 in May. When I was in high school I weighed around 135 which was perfect for my height and body build. After graduation, I gained over 30 pounds...all of which went to my butt and thighs. Getting a full time job and going through some tough times myself only added to it. Like you, today is my first day on my diet! My goal is to get back to my highs chool weight. Also like you, I feel unattractive which is discouraging.
I'm on 1,200 cal diet. I've cut out Mountain Dew several weeks ago and that seems to help out a lot but still...cutting out my favorite pop isn't enough. So here I am. You don't know how encouraging it is to see so many trying to get fit and healthy, especially someone whose the same age.
I wish you and everyone else lots of luck and success!
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