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Originally Posted by bkj0407 View Post
You say you've been jogging for 11 years. Maybe you can help me?

I started jogging last fall, but my weight has increased by about nine pounds. I've read that new joggers sometimes overeat during the day as a reward for accomplishing a run completed, say, in the morning. I've also read that even experienced joggers (or marathon runners) have been guilty of a sedentary day after a lengthy workout in the morning--because they're tired. It's true that I feel hungrier after a workout, but I don't think I overeat. How should I interpret that "hungry" feeling? Is it just a change in metabolism?

What's your opinion about this?

I actually enjoy running--it puts me in a good mood. But I feel very conflicted about the weight gain. I don't eat out much and rarely touch fast food. I cook all of the meals for my family--fresh vegetables, lean meats, etc.

What am I doing wrong? How can I enjoy jogging and balance what I eat?
Ok to answer this question. Runners at first might see some weight gain due to a couple of factors. Don't worry its not bad weight gain. First of all of those muscles that a lot of us having used for years will get bigger (yes even with running) and will start to hold a lot more water. You might see a slight weight gain because of this. Yes running definitely does make me more hungry but i keep close track of my calories (ie fitday). Yes you still have to watch what you eat. Just because you run doesn't mean you can just go and eat anything/everything that you want. I sometimes splurge on the weekend and have 1-2 slices of pizza or something similar but the rest of my diet is Fruit/Veggies/ect. With just a little bit of meat. I subscribe to the micheal pollan / in the defense of food philosophy. If your worried about your weight gain is from water gain then go get one of those fancy body fat % scales (that usually have water). Yes how accurate they are is controversial but they do give you a basis to go on and tell you whether your water % or fat % is going up. Running is definitely though a healthy past time that you will reap the benefits in years to come.

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