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Hi Nik

Thanks for the tips. I also read a great post on the WholeHealthSource blog recently on changing the fat set point - see here: Link Removed

I also realized that I had not been exercising so much the past couple of weeks - not cycling to work. But what is more interesting is that because I was a little stressed those two weeks (I had to find a new nanny for my toddler pronto) I was staying up late to surf and so not getting enough sleep, I was not taking a lunch break to sit outside or walk in the sun (more surfing) and was not taking any cod liver oil for vit A and D. However, when I started to go to bed earlier, go out more at lunch, and ride my bike to the office this week, my weight suddenly started to drop again. Hmmm - might be something to the body-mind connection and also getting enough sleep and Vit D.

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