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Originally Posted by elderwanda View Post
It looks like you're buying into the "fat is bad" craze of the '80s and 90's.

If I were eating like you are, I'd be dying for some roast chicken (with skin) or some barbequed pork ribs. Maybe some potatoes roasted with olive oil so they get a nice, crispy skin.

Stuff like that will satisfy you for longer, and it's actually pleasant to eat. I recommend you don't go overboard with the whole "low fat" thing. It's not all that healthy. Well, the fake fats and "trans fats" are unhealthy, because our bodies aren't designed to digest them, but it's fine to eat whole eggs, or dollop some olive oil into your spaghetti sauce.
I agree.
I know I don't know all the details, but it sounds like you are spending a lot of time eating how other people want you to eat. What happens when you eat how you want to? Just not eating much? At any rate, everyone's body works best with different ratios, calories, etc. The ratio that you describe as the one you want to change to is very close to the one that works best for me. What about asking your nutritionist, doc, whoever, to provide you with some different types of meal plans, or modifying yours to have different ratios, including the one you identified. Try them each for a week or two and see which one gives you the most energy. So much of this is trial and error, but at the end of the day, it's a lifestyle you personally have to live with, not any of the professionals you work with. If it's not a good fit, chances are you won't stick with it. Your list right now looks like a list of "diet food." Yes, it's all very healthy, but it doesn't seem like a menu for the real world.

You can always work on throwing some extra calories in by adding oils to things, eating nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds (they aren't very filling but have quite a few calories), or dried fruit (including raisins). The calorically dense things will provide the calories you need without taking a lot of time to eat or filling you up, and they're very portable.

Just my thoughts. I hope you get something worked out.

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