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Jason, I'm pretty hard to offend

And I wholeheartedly agree--if one exceeds the 400 pound mark (not once, but twice) then there is a problem there somewhere. Although I avoid head shrinkers, I think it's pretty safe to say that I have (and have always had) an eating disorder. Like I said, I've never in my life, ever, actually maintained a weight--it's always been going up or going down.

It's really funny that 330 feels REALLY good after being well over 400 six short months ago and barely able to walk a couple hundred feet without gasping for breath.

Anyway, I am trying to implement your suggestion of increasing the protien to fat ratio and the scale moved 4 lbs down last week. I have also decided to take your advice to further limit alcohol intake--I will see how once a month works out.

Thanks again for your valuable insight!

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