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I am addicted to sugar, salt and fatty foods. I chose to give them up (and not have any in the house). But, I have one day a week where I don't log food or activities and don't worry about what I eat. After a month, I really find it works for me. I find it is taking a touch longer to lose the weight, but I think I'll be more successful in the long run. In the past, I have tried to get rid of everything I loved (sugar, salt, fat) completely and I found that I binged as soon as I reached my goal and gained a ton of weight back.

Another thing you can do is eat something sweet, but healthy. Find some good breakfast cookies or muffins made with whole grain, oatmeal, fruit, chocolate chips and nuts. They will still have sugar, but it will be wrapped up in a meal rather than a dessert.

Good luck and let us know what works for you!
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