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Originally Posted by KRRANDOLPH03 View Post
I have tryed running, and I swear I'm like a fish out of water! lol I can't seem to breath correctly. I am thinking this really shouldn't be that hard. I wear myself out before I even get started. I usually walk run walk run....any helpful tips?
Nah this is normal. I remember when i started running i felt like someone was holding their hand over my mouth. It will decrease as you progress (unless you run harder to compensate). Its wierd because when i do my long runs 12+ i still having that feeling for the first few miles and then my breathing evens out and i can talk without even trying to gasp for air.

You can always try what most people recommend and slow down but i can tell you i never did this. I always push myself. Ya you thinking running would be easy was not really correct. Even when you progress and you push yourself its HARD. I used to weight lift a long time ago and its a lot harder than that. Don't let that discourage you though. I can tell after you progress it will be very enjoyable especially the first 1 minute after you stop (runners high). Just don't give up.
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