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There's a lot of fiber in your day, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for me eating too many raw veggies can leave me gassy and bloated. Bloated and full feel a lot alike. I don't know your height or weight, but if you've seen a nutritionist, then I'd follow that advice. Your ratios don't seem bad to me, personally I try to keep my protein 20-30% and carbs below 50% and I don't worry about fat. I know the fats in my diet are mostly good fats since I always go for lean cuts of meat, and a lot of my fats are from nuts and avocadoes.

I'll snack on plain turkey or chicken lunchmeat when my protein is low. Eating a whole hardboiled egg instead of just the white would get you a little extra calories, maybe 2 tbsp peanut butter instead of one? It's very hard to bring protein up without fat coming with it.
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