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Originally Posted by kathietaylor View Post
Hey out there in fitdayland! I, and quite a few others I have noticed, am a carboholic.

I can keep my calorie intake inline most of the time, but I am eating way too many carbs! I always eat complex carbs, good healthy choices...but too darned many of them.
Kathie, if you're eating around 1200 or so calories per day, how bad can your 'addiction' be? Is it possible you're being a little hard on yourself?

May I suggest that you keep eating the way you are and add regular exercise? Come on, darlin! You know you want to! You'll feel better and you may find yourself reaching for the carbs less often.

I'll beg - if it would help. Pleeeeeeease?

Endorphins are your friends! (I know they're mine.)
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