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Default Looking for some Medi Weight Loss tips

I started Medi in April, I lost about 20lbs. Midway through my diet I hit a really rough patch in my personal life and of course I turned to food as my emotional comfort...why?

All that to say, I've been pretty consistent with maintaining my weight but I would like to reach my goal, my pre-baby body, abt 130/140. I'm at 160 right now and I REALLY want to do this! I've been eating pretty much the same food in order to stick to my diet and I'm getting pretty bored...

Almonds, eggs, lunchmeat, jello, boring.

I love food too much!!!! I need some support, I've been trying to get back on the diet wagon, but I'm always so extreme, either binging or starving, never a nice in-between.

Any advice?
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