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Default Developing a strong dislike for food and eating

I'm having trouble finding a way to enjoy food. I like food, it tastes good, but eating it has always posed a problem. the two issues im having at the moment are: I would like to lower the amount of fat in my diet while increasing the protein and carbs; I have a real lack of energy which is affecting my exercise routine and weigh loss has stopped. any suggestions are greatly appreciated! sorry ahead of time for the long post :P

Unless I keep myself in check, I tend to fall into the bad habit of not eating. I can go for days without eating and not feeling hungry. Then when hunger hits in the middle of day 3 of not eating I typically can only eat a small amount. Over the summer I fell into this routine again so I started seeing a nutritionist. We laid out a diet plan and I've been sticking to it. However a new issue has come up. I feel absolutely sick eating that much food.

I still don't feel hungry and eating that much food is torturous. I feel like all I do is eat and its stressing me out. How do people eat this much food every day? I am so tired of my friends telling me how lack of an appetite is a blessing. it really sucks forcing food into your gut when you are already feeling full or not hungry. It feels like my entire day is going from one meal/snack to the next; as soon as I've finish one I need to start thinking about the next (b/c I need to eat again in 2 hours) when I'm not feeling hungry to begin with (actually feeling pretty full).

what i eat in a typical day is the following:
1-2 stalks of celery
1/2c carrots
1 bell pepper
1/2c radishes
1c cabbage
3 leaves chard
1c veggie pure soup
sometimes a yam at dinner
1 orange*
1 apple*
1 banana*
*or fruit or fruit and protein smoothie
1tbs peanut butter
2tbs dill tofu spread
1tbs Hummus w/probiotics
2tbs pesto (or other)
1tbs ground flax seed
1tsp fish oil w/vit D (sun is a rare occurrence here :P)
1 serving whole wheat pita chips
1c sprouted grain, whole protein pasta
1 slice toasted whole, sprouted grain bread*
*or 1 slice whole wheat pita flat bread
1 hard boiled egg white
1 serving lunch meat or chicken nuggets
1/2c cottage cheese
1c milk
1 greek yogurt
*once in a while i'll have a small cookie
*once a week i'll drink a med size mocha (substitute a dairy, usually yogurt)

All fruits and veggies are eaten raw and divided up between all meals of the day. I don't typically eat meat only because I don't have a lot of time to cook it, so foods I eat are more grab-and-go types, if i go out to eat I usually order a meat dish, about once a week.

With all this food, I'm still not consuming enough calories. Its coming out to about 1100 - 1200 a day but my nutritionist wants me to eat 1600 - 1800. According to FitDay I'm meeting my nutritional needs (except calorie needs) but I'm still not getting enough vit B12 or Thiamine. Also according to FitDay, my diet is about 30% Lipids, 20% Protein, and 50% Carbs. I'd like to decrease the fat to 20% and increase the Carbs to 55% and Protein to 25%

Even eating all this I don't have any energy during the day. This is more food than I've ever eaten and I've never felt so sluggish. I was exercising 6x a week with weight falling off but now I've stopped loosing weight and have had to decrease my workouts b/c of the lack of energy.

I'm at a loss as to how to fix this. I have my Doctor coming at me from one direction, the nutritionist from another and my friends in a 3rd. I feel ready to throw this way of eating out the window and just go back to how I feel comfortable, which is not eating, but i don't loose weight that way, only gain. I never wanted my life to revolve around food or to become obsessed like other people I see trying to loose weight.

thank you for baring with me in this post/rant. any comments you can provide will be helpful. Thanks Again.

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