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Default Thanks, cj!

It's day 15 people!

Hey, cj - thanks for the encouragement. I hope you'll feel free to drop in and post anytime. I'll be glad to offer a (kindly meant) boot in the behinders any time you think it'll help.

It's one of the planned rest days for the week today. I just did my taxes and feel a good sense of accomplishment. Crossing things off a 'to do' list is a lovely mood lifter!

I haven't had any water yet today, so I'd best get on that... *glug glug*

I swear I'm starting to see a change in my body - through my torso. That can't be already, can it? Hey - I guess I don't care if it IS a mirage. At least I'm not seeing myself as FATTER. right?

76 days and 54 workouts to go!
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