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Default Take your time, diets don't work

catina73: one of the "secrets" to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is not to create too much of a calorie deficit, especially if exercise is part of the picture. IMO, 1500 is too low and eventually you will binge. Take it slower, make lasting changes that you can stick with. Change only one thing at a time, especially where nutrition is concerned. Eat REAL food, exercise in moderation, and take your time. It will happen. I was not able to recover from eating disordered behavior until I incorporated these principals. Now I never go hungry and my eating is totally body-centered. "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"... Albert Einstein. You have to be willing to open up your mind and try a new way... no diets! Good luck, if I could do it, so can you. And p.s., I'm 65, female, and 127 pounds at 5'5 1/2" tall. And I've been Naturally Thin for over 20 years.
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