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Default About 50lbs lost...

I work in an office of a factory with 4 people, two men and two women. The one woman kept saying the first 15lbs or so that it is water weight??? That made me laugh. Now, the second woman was nice about it and kept making comments after about 20lbs lost. I really just thought she was being nice by saying I am shrinking and I don't need to lose any more or how much more are you going to lose. After about 50lbs I was getting comments from people I don't talk to at the factory I work at. Even the two guys I work with said good job. I had people stopping me asking what I am doing and come to find out I didn't know that everyone in the factory was talking about my weight loss even though they don't know my name. I have now lost 65 lbs and still get comments. Just last week I had a woman look at me and say no your not her. There is a girl here who lost alot of weight and I thought it was you. I said it is me and she congratulated me. It is just funny that the woman in my office who said I lost water weight at first has not had one good comment about my weight loss. Some people just have nothing to say. You just have to keep going and do it for yourself. Don't stop because someone else. I think people get jealous and don't want you to look better than them. To everyone keep up the good work!
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