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Ah I'm sorry. I really wish I could do more to help.

Yes, I stay at around 1500 cals a day and I do lose weight off of that, and that's without exercising. I try to do things around the house that will help me stay active. And I like taking my dog out for walks too.

No candy for the day is a great goal. Take little steps, cause they are the ones that help the most. you should check out my website, I have a forum post on some of my favorite cheat foods.

I also love oatmeal, it makes you feel way full, and it doesn't have a lot of calories in it. Also spaghetti squash is another. Don't get discouraged, try to be positive, think about it this way: If you've gained weight fast, you can lose it in about the same amount of time. Same goes for losing weight too. If you do fad diets you gain the weight back faster. So be patient with yourself!
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