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I'm so happy you found my thread! Ya it's taken me 2 years to get out of the binging habit. It's really tough to do, I know exactly how you feel.

It was always all or nothing, like, I'd do good the whole day and be at around 1400 calories, and then I'd have an extra slice of pizza, and then it was like "well i've really messed up now, I'll just eat whatever" And then i'd try to starve the next day to make up for it, which never happened of course and then by starving i'd end up binging again and so on and so on.

The biggest thing that's helped me is to focus on not dieting. Like, I'll set myself a realistic number of calories for the day (usually 1400 for my weight and height) and I'll let myself eat whatever I want, as long as I stay within that range. If I go up to 1600, I just try to be positive and think, well 200 more calories isn't going to matter, but if I keep binging, it will matter.

This may sound weird, but I eat a lot better when I'm not exercising. I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise, but for a while I just gave up on exercise and focused more on just managing my eating habits. When I was focusing on exercising too, I noticed i'd get really overwhelmed by it all and the dieting.

I'm here always if you wanna talk cause I definitely know how crappy binging can make you feel. I went on antidepressants for a while to help with it and that's helped TONS. I'm off of them now, cause I feel like I've gained control again, but they definitely help.

I also went of any type of hormonal birth control. I was always binging when I was on the pill, it was really horrible. You could try the copper IUD (paragard). Check it out. I was on that for a year but I had problems with it too.

But ya, I know how you feel, and I still mess up and end up binging, but my binges now are nothing compared to what they used to be. And I always recover from them. Hope this has helped at least a little!
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