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I wanted to start by saying Im new to this forum. I do alot of lurking until I saw your thread.
I to do alot of Binge eating. I recently lost 130 lbs. 100 lbs or so was done on the HCG diet.
I am so messed up with food.
I seemed to binge all the time now. I cant seem to get a happy feeling with food. Its all or nothing for me.
Its so upsetting to come back to a place like this in my life. I used to binge but never this bad.
I think I have tried every diet known to man. The only 2 I did well with was Atkins and HCG. Years ago on the Atkins I lost 80 lbs. Then I got pregnant with child 2 and the binging started again.
I finnally got a handle on it last year threw the help of a therapist and now I have relocated to another state and I have no support what so ever.
I hope you go health in your journey to become a healthier person.

Thx CAt
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