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Default My own website on beauty.

hharding111: I know exactly how you feel, I'll lose a few pounds, and then get used to the way a look, and then find more areas of my body to work on, and then lose more. I also think losing weight is fun, like I think it's fun to see how much I can lose, or I'm just interested in what I would look like 5 lbs smaller. If that makes sense. I can't say I'm fully in the right state of mind. I'll always want to be skinny, and I'll probably always want to lose weight, that's just the way I am I think.

BUT... I am determined to lose weight healthily if I do choose to lose weight. Not by binging/purging or starving.

If you've been on those pro-ana websites, you'll know that they do 'thinspiration' and bad tips. I created my own website. I'd love for it to catch on because I think it's a lot better than pro ana websites, and I know not everyone will agree with my idea of beauty but I am proud of it. It's called

It's my own version of a healthy website and my own idea of beauty. I think I'm still technically ednos (eating disorder not otherwise specified). But I won't go to etreme lengths to lose weight.
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