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Hi Primal folks

I've been on my low carb primalish diet for about 4 weeks now but my weightloss has stalled. It is weird but I'm eating about ~800-1000 calories below my daily requirement (so about 1500 calories or less a day) and eating about 100g or less carbs and I'm not losing any weight. Not sure what is going on but I lost about 2 lbs a week for the first few weeks until now - I didn't think I'd reach a setpoint already that my body wouldn't want to go below. I could definitely lose another 15-20 lbs - I'm towards the upper BMI range of healthy. Has anyone else had weightloss stalls?

I also don't feel hungry much on this diet and feel satisfied after eating less food. I haven't gone completely paleo but I've cut out most pasta/rice/corn starches - I still sometimes have a piece of sourdough bread or rye bread - so perhaps I need to cut that out completely to resume weightloss. It just doesn't make sense that I'm not losing weight given the calorie deficit that I've had the past 2 weeks.
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