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Originally Posted by pidosmum View Post
That not healthy. You're sabataging yourself. First, your body is going to go into starvation mode and will deliberately keep your body fat because it is not getting enough calories. Secondly, you will burn out very soon. How long do can you limit yourself to that amount of food?
I've been doing this for years - like 10 years. I was only eating once a day and I would be exhausted, but I think my body just adjusted to it. Now that I am trying to get into shape and lose all of the weight I am struggling to eat. The hardest time for me is in the morning, I have a hard time eating anything.

I have started eating better (3-5 times a day) and forcing myself to take in the calories that I need. I lost 16 pounds in the month of January!

We bought a treadmill last week and I have been using it faithfully...I have gotten up to 35 minutes per day....which may not seem like much, but I feel much better through the day!
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