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Originally Posted by netsirk12 View Post
I have done this before and lost 60 lbs. Gained it all back when I started to eat meat again. Im not doing this to "save the animals" I am just not a big fan of meat and I know I loose a bunch of weight. With me being female and doing this diet are there any vitimans I should be taking? I want to do this as healthy as possible.
If you are eating lots of fruits and vegetables and some nuts and seeds I think you'll be fine in terms of vitamins and minerals. I would look more at food quality and macro nutrients. What kind of foods are you going to eat? Lots of carbohydrates, especially processed and refined ones, will lead to poorer quality weight loss than diets with higher protein or fat content.

If you stick to less processed, lower carb, or at least lower glycemic index, carbohydrates this probably won't be too much of a problem, but it's something to think about.
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