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Originally Posted by lsutygr View Post
Weighed in this am at 162
Don't get too hung up on the scale if you have started a good exercise or strength program. If you look better, have lost fat, and are fitter, it doesn't matter that you are the same weight.

Bettmrr, I wish you the best. Just remember to keep the long haul in mind. Shoot for lifestyle changes, not just dieting. I personally like lower carbohydrate (especially low grain or grain free) prescriptions as fats and protein will keep you more full and regulate your insulin levels better, but people find success with different things.

Finding supportive people in real life can also be very helpful. Istygr mentioned CrossFit classes. CrossFit gyms can be expensive but are very community oriented with the members providing a lot of support to each other. Just be prepared to work hard!
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