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Talking FitDay Wish List

I found this wonderful site about 2 weeks ago and I have been on it ever since. I really like how much information you receive as you chronical your weight loss journey.

However, here are a few options I wish were included on the site. And feel free to add to my list in case the staff behind Fit Day agrees with our suggestions and decides to incorporate them. Thanks, Regina

1. In the Body tab, give us the ability to add pictures to showcase our weight loss/gains.

2. In the Body tab, give us the option to change the black outline of the blank person to male or female. And as you add your measurements, your profile grows or decreases in that particular area.

3. Have several sub-clubs like 100 lbs club, NYC club, Family Club, etc. That way you can socialize and learn tid bits from people who have similar interests/lifestyles.

4. Give us a ticker option so it shows are starting weight and day, any weight loss or gain along the way, and our goal weight with the goal date similiar to the one I've provided below.

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