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vannice -- Congratulations on joining and getting motivated to lose weight.

SB Phase I is mainly about three things: cutting out all refined sugar and simple empty carbs (those muffins, cookies, bagels, breads, pasta etc.) as a way of smashing down your cravings and getting your blood sugar stabilized. It is difficult for many but I found that after day 4-5 it gets a little boring. This is offset by the weight loss. It is in fact eating any of the food on Phase I list but more importantly eating five times a day. Do NOT skip snacks. I used to eat almonds for my morning snack and yogurt for my afternoon snack. It is critical that you eat some protein at all three meals. Eggs, bacon, steak etc in the am, a chicken or tuna on salad at lunch and a nice piece of meat with lots of dark green veggies (I have come to love brocolli). Put Mrs. Dash on the veggies to give it some spice.

The main thing I can advise is -- make it into a hobby. Get the cookbook and try stuff out. You will find that you are full all the time. Don't think about stuff you CAN'T have -- think about it as stuff you DON'T WANT TO have and how great you will look and feel when you are at a better weight. Good luck.

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