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Jason, thanks, I'll check out the Turbulence Training--sounds interesting.

I appreciate all your knowledge, and perhaps you're right about more calories. I am, though, pretty comfortable at 1500-1600, spread out over the day.

Just to play devil's advocate (and I'll freely admit I'm somewhat ignorant on the topic), how can an extra 200-500 cals a day be good while the occasional one day at week with an extra 1500 cals be bad? I'm no math genius, but it "just don't add up".

I know this whole thing is a big guesstimate and the basal metabolism/lifestyle varies for everyone but it has up until the last few weeks been pretty right on--approx. 4000 cals burned a day to keep breathing, minus 1400 to 1500 a day intake comes out to around 3lbs or so a week loss.

Thanks again--I always learn something new from your posts.

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