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Jason, thanks for sharing your food log--I've got some new ideas for the upcoming weeks.

I will be working on reducing fat and increasing protien.

I hear ya' on the beer--will work on keeping that to once a month at the most. I'll be honest, I like a good beer buzz and at 335 it takes a good amount to achieve--I know it's bad, but it's the truth. That being said, I can postpone gratification and will do so.

With all due respect, I don't entirely buy into the whole starvation mode thing. The last time I got serious about losing weight I stayed religiously under 1000 cals a day for 9 months (and under 10 grams of fat total per day). This was after a 30 day water fast . Took off around 200 lbs in that time period (walked at least 2 miles a day, as well as lifting). Got down to 184lbs.

BUT, of course, the weight went back on. That's why I picked 1500 this time--fairly decent weight loss, but not so extreme. I have no doubt that I can do it, then the real test will start as I have never in my 46 years actually maintained a weight--I've always been either losing or gaining (usually gaining).

Thanks again for your insightful posts!

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