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Hi, I have been doing low carb plans since 2003. I started out on Atkins and have progressed to a more Primal Plan - hence my screen name, LOL.....

My problem is I have problems sticking with any type of lower carb plan during the colder fall and winter months. Right now I am plugging away great, but starting to crave chicken and dumplings.

Maybe I need to find a low carb dumpling recipe that doens't contain white flour........or maybe substitute almond / coconut flour.

I love the way I feel and how defined my body looks by shedding fat instead of muscle.

I am currently taking classes at Institute of Integrative Nutrition and intend on becoming a Nutrition Coach focusing on those that are diabetic or have hormonal issues. Since that is where my own experience lies, I believe that I can help people out tremendously!!

I am hoping to open my own practice called Back to Your Roots focusing on Naturopathic Nutrition.
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