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Originally Posted by lsutygr View Post
I wouldn't say that I am desperate to lose weight, but I want to lose weight. I'm currently 5'5, 164lbs, but looking at me you wouldn't realize I weigh "that much". I'm pretty athletic and work out at least 5 days a week and started running about a month ago and I run probably 12-15miles a week. I've done 2 5K's this month and am registered for one more at the end of the month. I started working out in Jan. 10 doing a crossfit class (think P90x/insanity) and I've gone down from a 14 to a 10/8. Everyone (self included) can tell that I've toned up and put on some muscle which I have, but I'd like to see the scale # go down as well.

I've tried to start eating better which I know will really do the trick since I am so active, but it's hard to find quick healthy meals to cook and I'm not a big cooker to begin with so I almost would rather a meal plan of sorts that is boring so I can know what to expect day in and day out. Right now I'm having oatmeal for breakfast, cheese stick or fruit as a snack, salad w/chicken for lunch (or tuna fish), fruit as a snack, powerbar after I work out and then dinner. I'm not a big fan of chicken breast so I rarely eat them as dinner meals.

I'd like to lose I guess 20-25lbs between now and March. Only problem is I'm about to have a minor surgery that is going to keep me out of the gym or from hitting the pavement for probably 3-4wks so I really have to watch what I eat so that I don't gain any weight. This is my first day on fitday and I plan to post in here the progress up and down so I'm wishing everyone well on their journey to get fit!
Weighed in this am at 162
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