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I put either fat free sour cream or Greek yogurt in mine, and like cjohnson I use red potatoes. Usually I dice them up with my chopper before they are boiled and leave the little bits of skin on them, so they are more like "smashed" or "rustic mashed" potatoes. I've also been known to mix in some garlic, but I usually cheat and use minced garlic from a jar, oh and a handful of fresh finely chopped chives or dill tossed in never hurts. Sometimes I use skim milk, but if I'm low on that I'll use warm water with a chicken bullion cube or two tossed in. Generally speaking I don't add butter or margarine, I put it on the table and let everyone make their own decisions on it. Maybe you could make baked potatoes instead, or how about oven fries? Better yet, sweet potato oven fries.
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