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Great information but I think you two should butt heads elsewhere. Lets try and help this guy who's asking for help.

I completely agree with Ron about the beer. Alcohol is a fat loss and muscle builders worst enemy.

First alcohol must be burned off before all food calories. So when you are going out to eat on Saturday night having your 3000 calories and downing a sixer this is truely the cause of your slowed progress. All the food calories you just ate are stored so that all the alcohol can be processed out of your system.

Second Alcohol is calorie dense and contains no nutritional value. 7 cals/gram but no actual food value or vitamin/mineral content.

Alcohol lowers protein synthesis.

Alcohol lowers testosterone while increasing estrogen. (YIKES!)

There are many other effects not to mention the loss of motivation the day following a binge.

I am not going to be the one to tell you to stop drinking all together, but I think you should keep it to 2-3 beers once a week at the most.

Ok now for your food. I believe you may be eating too little getting 1500 calories a day. Especially when you are throwing in one day a week of double that amount.

I believe you would benefit from slowly increasing your calorie intake back to 2000. Start doing some resistance training. It doesn't have to be weight lifting simple bodyweight exercises are great.

If you cut down on items like cheese, bacon and hot dogs you could replace those calories with lean choices and be eating a lot more food.

When you say you don't have any cheat foods thats fine. But at a certain point those comfort/non healthy foods aren't going to help you lose weight, even if you are reducing your calories. You could be replacing those with fruits/vegetables and that alone would help you a lot. Start trying some more lean meats. Try replacing your breads with brown rice carbs and black beans. You have come a long way with your current approach. But I think now its time to up the anti.

I'm not gonna say I'm the perfect example, because I'm certainly not. But I think you could get a lot of meal ideas from my logs. My archives go back daily to July 6th and I have divided up each entry by meal. If you want some ideas just take a look at my archives. I think you are doing well, and just some minor improvements will have you right back on track.

Edit: I forgot to mention your nutrient macro could use some improvement. I think your fat needs to be switched with your protein, instead of getting 30% fat and 15-20% protein it should be the other way around. A good figure to aim for is 1.5g/kg of your "IDEAL/GOAL" bodyweight.

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