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Originally Posted by meganspurr View Post
This morning I added a handful of spinach, just one piece of steamed cauliflower and one scoop of protein powder along with the Orange Juice, yogurt, banana and frozen berries.

Good news is, my husband still drank it! The protein powder made it a TON thicker than I expected (especially since I only put in half of a serving), and the cauliflower was definitely noticeable. I don't think either of us could taste the spinach though! (Well, my husband thinks he could, but I didn't tell him I put in cauliflower - sometimes I have to sneak in veggies before he will accept that he will like them. I know he isn't a child, but if he had his way, we would eat steak and potatoes and not eat anything green unless it was 14% alcohol by volume).
LOL, my dad is the same way, but he's primarily a meat and cheese man.

My hubby eats veggies without being tricked, thank goodness, but he HATES squash. I wonder if a little baked butternut or acorn squash would be noticeable?
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