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telling someone to "read books is a simple nice approach to not connecting with the person on the other end." it is one thing to make the comment more personal but i think what would help people like her the most is what was suggested by zoot. i also think these 2 people have it right to listen to what there bodies want over what there eyes see in the mirror. i was not diagnosed but i consider myself to have a reverse Eating disorder of sorts. in short for a long time 28 years i simply "liked to eat" and hated any form of exercise. now in my early 30's i needed my own shift in thought so i simply did it. i track what i eat better than before and try to keep it under 2500 kcals but never to pressed for one way or the other. i also exercise more then i have and will continue too.

What is important more then most for those recovering from any form of body dismorpha (sp?) is to realize there is something wrong with how the see them selfs not in what they see. For ED recovery counting to much could re-trigger them i would suggest talking with a registered dietitian and personal trainer in your area's to both set up a healthier eating habit and life plan as well has a safe workout routine to help your body natural recover from any negative of your eating disorder.
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