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Default Hit 220 today

After a long plateau in the 225-222 range, I hit 220 today. I have been exercising alot lately -- all that subcutaneous fat that goes away with dieting is pretty much gone but the visceral fat (the stuff inside that needs to be exercised away) I am still working on.

I have been averaging about 1700 - 1800 cals and NO REFINED SUGAR since August. I totally eat healthy now and enjoy the food. No cravings. In fact, my wife just bought a bunch of Halloween candy for giving out in two weeks and I just looked at it and thought "no big deal".
Age: 56
Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
Starting Weight: 250 pounds (8-07-2010)
Current Weight: 220 pounds (10-17-2010)
Goal: 215 pounds (12-31-10)
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