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Originally Posted by jjbear6kids View Post
Hi i'm a stay at home mom to 6 kids. I'm 5ft 2 inches and my weight was 191 pounds (my highest wait EVER) . I just started my change on 1-17, so its just been 6 days. I've been working out with my wii fit every day and using my steps for exercise ( going up and down 6 times in a row...killer! lol) My goal is to get 135 by June 26th. Hope I can make it! I was a big time pepsi drinker...atleast 6 a day i'd say. In the past 6 days i've drank 2 ..other then that only water. So I got my calories down to where they need to be but now I need to work on getting my carb intake down!

So far I have lost 4 lbs. I plan on buying some kind of exercise machine next week. Any suggestions?? I was looking at one of Tony littles machines, anyone ever use one of them??
How do you like the Wi? I am thinking about getting it but am concerned with the cost. What exactly do I need to purchase in order to use the Wi fit? I do not have anything right now. As for equipment, a treadmill would be a good idea. You can walk anytime and still keep an eye on the kids.
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