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Default I'm new on this site

Hi everyone! My name is Kristyn, and I'm 28 years old. I've always struggled with weight, but have been on a yo-yo my entire life. My biggest vices are that I hate to exercise, and love to eat. :-)
I hit a point right after my wedding in September where I figured I could pig out because I didn't have to fit in my wedding dress anymore (not that I lost a bunch of weight for the wedding anyway). I quickly ballooned even more and ended up 30 pounds over the weight I had told myself I would never allow myself to get to. It still didn't bother me too much...until 2 things happened at once: 1) my friend's 4 year old daughter asked me why my belly was so big (although it was kind of funny to hear her say it), and 2) when I got winded walking through wal-mart. So I began eating healthier and getting more active. I picked up snowshoeing and bought a wii fit. But I still couldn't lose weight. I didn't understand how I could gain weight if I was eating WAY less than before.
Then I found fitday. For the past two weeks I've been recording everything diligently. I absolutely love it. It helped me realize why I wasn't losing weight, and at least now I have an idea of what I'm consuming vs. expending. I find it's much easier to have those tangible numbers.
So far (in the past month) I've lost 15 pounds (13 according to the wii fit, but I'm gonna go with my other scale :-)....) (I was 214 and my goal is 135) I feel better already, and have more energy. I even joined the Y and am excited to get back in swimming.
I'm looking forward to hearing other people's stories and supporting one another through this process.
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